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Side chicks are more popular but believe you me there are side dudes too.  You know it hurts a lot when you are thinking you are the main dude but honestly she might just be playing you. See guys when a lady is having you as a side dude their are ways to know, it is important you know what you are into before entrusting your future into a double-timing-woman. 
You might say "Ada, is a good Christian lady she can't do this". I believe you bro, but have you ever heard of SHEEP AMONGST WOLVES.  Sometimes you look away from the GHENGHEN way she praises, worships and vibrant prayers she does in church, look at the character.  Yes the fruits she produces.

 1.  She makes unnecessary demands.

If there is anything I know, I know that when a woman loves you and sees a future with you she will not burden you with unnecessary demands like buy me that today,  buy me this tomorrow".  If all she does is ask and demand and never supplies in any way.  Dude, I think you need to do a little double check again. 

 2. Sometimes you cannot just reach her.

See when she is still learning how to be with the main dude and the side dude without being caught this is always the case.

 Her phones will all have low batteries, network will be bad where she is and you can't simply reach her for long hours or days and suddenly she resurrects. 

 3. When you want to go on a date, she comes with the CLAN.  

 Well, to some people this is strange but for a Mzantsi babe (South African  girl) they do a group chop each time.
You hear things like "they are my best friends can't go anywhere without them". When a girl is serious with you, she protects you from her friends but when you are the side dude, she brings the CLAN. May the Lord bless you soul to take them to an expensive restaurant.

 4. She is a babysitter to her phone. 

She passwords everything.  She carries her phone everywhere even to the toilet.  She sometimes answers calls like this "Helllloooo!!! I can't hear you, can you hear me" she moves a little and says again  "can you hear me now". All of a sudden network gets so bad she needs to go very far from you to get signal.

 5. She rarely calls you.

  If a woman rarely calls you and you do all the calling. She calls you only when she needs help.  You send her call credits and she rarely calls you with it.  Dude, need i say too much.

 6. Photos are out of bound. 

Women love pictures. We take a lot of selfies in a day, a selfie with boo won't  be bad.  But when a lady refuses to take pictures with you then I think you need to think again. No pictures of you anywhere around her.  My dear, think again.

 7. She never mentions you on social media. 

We are in the social media era.  The first thing someone you have been with for sometime will do is to add you up to most of their social media accounts. If she doesn't do that or doesn't even for one day mention you. THEN!! 

 8. You never appear unannounced.  

There must be proper notification before you appear any where around her. At work, in school, at home or anywhere. She doesn't want to be seen in public with you.

 9. She wants a secret relationship

She might tell you a thousand and one reasons for you to agree but for real why be in a relationship and want it to be a secret.  Do you really want to be the secret guy.

 Well,  if after reading this post you are thinking maybe you are a side dude then maybe you really are. Get wisdom and do the right thing.

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