CareerJunction has released its 2016 Salary Review, which shows that engineers, IT professionals, and financial experts earn the most money [Read: South African salaries in 2016].
The CareerJunction Salary Review has been compiled for South African job seekers and the recruitment industry, providing an overview of salaries in the country.
It contains current salary information based on salary offerings on the CareerJunction website for job postings between October 2015 and February 2016.
The list below provides an overview of the top-earning careers in SA, based on the report.
It should be noted that the salaries below are based on those of skilled professionals, and exclude senior and management positions.

1. Mining Engineer – up to R63,095 per month

To become a mining engineer, a BEng or BSc in Mining Engineering is recommended.

2. Technical and Business Architecture (IT) – up to R56,477 per month

For this profession, a BSc in IT or Computer Science is advised.

3. Structural Engineering – up to R49,742 per month

To become a structural engineer, a BEng or BSc in Structural Engineering is recommended.

4. Mechanical Engineer – up to R49,439 per month

A BEng or BSc in Mechanical Engineering will help you land a job as a mechanical engineer.

5. Electrical Engineer – up to R46,446 per month

For this career, a BEng or BSc in Electrical Engineering is a must.

6. Chartered Accounting (CA)– up to R46,425 per month

To become a chartered accountant, you need a BCom accounting degree and a Certificate in the Theory of Accounting (CTA) or equivalent qualification.
After your university qualifications, you are required to pass two qualifying examinations administered by SAICA – the Initial Test of Competence, and the Assessment of Professional Competence.

7. Taxation Expert – up to R44,038 per month

To enter the field, a BCompt in Taxation will be of value.

8. Industrial Engineering – up to R44,024 per month

For this career, a BEng or BSc in Industrial Engineering is advised.

9. Systems Analyst (IT) – up to R42,532 per month

To build a career in this field, a BSc in Information Technology or Information Systems will be an advantage.

10. Civil Engineering – up to R42,153 per month

For this career, a BEng or BSc in Civil Engineering is needed.

11. Management Accountant – up to R42,096 per month

To enter the field, a BCom degree in Management Accounting is a good start.

12. Business Analyst (IT) – up to R41,726 per month

A relevant BCom degree or related Business Analysis qualification is advised.