OMG A street dog found a newborn baby after it was thrown out in the street, the dog took the new born baby in the mouth without hurting it and put it in front of someone's how house and went away 

The number of women who are engaging in sexual intercourse despite knowing that they are not yet prepared for the responsibilities of being a mother is increasing. 

In line with that, a lot of babies are being abandoned. This comes with different cases that a decent person would not do. 

This photo is one of the cases where as an innocent newborn child was thrown away by the irresponsible mother in the streets. 
The dog did his best. he gently put the newborn baby in his mouth and made sure that he would not hurt thepoor baby. 
The dog decided to put the little boy in front of a house and went away. According to the posts, the baby is now in good health. He went through the stage of recovery to be as healthy as he is now. 

Thanks to the caring dog the baby is now given a chance to live a better life.