Today's dream job that we are actually going to apply for (sorry boss) comes from Netflix, who are hiring people to take pics of their European film sets for two weeks this summer - and they’re paying £1400. PER WEEK.

No this is not a drill, the steaming giant is actually searching for four ‘Grammasters’ to head onto the sets of their most popular European shows, mingling with the characters and directors, and documenting all the goings-on via Instagram.

And the best news? You don't even need a killer CV to apply.

Instead, Netflix is asking you to head to your own Instagram page (and if you don’t have one then the dream ends here we're afraid), and simply tag your most impressive pictures with the hashtag '#grammasters3'.

They aren’t too specific on what type of pics would place us in the running for the post, but they do urge us to choose photos that ‘show off your interests or passions’ (so we’re thinking no to that drunken post-brunch selfie from last summer and yes to our most tasteful, arty travel shots).

And even though you’ll probably be in Marseille for the channel’s eponymous French crime-drama, and not New Mexico for Breaking Bad, netting almost £3k for two weeks of work is nothing to be sniffed at. Oh, and the company have stated that they’ll be taking care of all travel costs incurred from jet-setting around the continent too. DREAMY.

This Netflix job isn't the first from the steaming giant; they recently organised the same competition in the US, and last year they were searching for a paid 'Netflix-tagger' whose role was to help the company categorise their media - after watching it all first of course.

What a life, eh? We can just picture our perfect summer fulfilling this role; binge-watching TV at night and selecting our favourite filters by day, all whilst hanging out on movie-sets and being put up in the finest hotels the continent has to offer.

To be in the running for this role, follow the Netflix Instagram account (@Netflix) and hashtag your best three photos with #grammasters3 by March 6.