A traffic officer working in Tzaneen was killed in a hit and run while on duty, police said on Sunday.
Municipality in Limpopo was busy conducting speed checks outside Tzaneen when he was hit by a speeding car.
“It is alleged that this member was on official duties at about 15:30 along R36 road [Tzaneen-Lydenburg road] just outside Tzaneen town near Macdonald market when a speeding car knocked the officer to death and disappeared,” said Ngoepe.
He said the motorist did not stop and continue driving after the accident. The make of the vehicle was not known. The driver is still at large.
“This type of behaviour by the motorists is totally condemned because Law Enforcements officers are always working tirelessly along the roads to ensure road safety and they cannot be killed like this. We are going to leave no stone unturned on this matter,” said Ngoepe.
Source : Online