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How to prevent over-eating at work and staying motivated to work out?!

I was wondering if any of you had any tips on how to stay healthy and not over-eat while i am at work. Like most people, i dont have an active work life; i sit in front of a computer all day. I only get up to go to the bathroom and to get coffee. I get really bored at work and tend to eat when i am bored. I dont eat uber unhealthy but still, calories are still calories and lately i have been lazy/too busy to go to the gym. i feel terrible. 
Usually ill have oatmeal for breakfast (not the healthy kind, the super sugary fruits’n’cream ones) then around 10:30ish i am STARVING, so i get a snack from the vending machine. I try to be healthy…baked vs fried or ill do apples with peanut butter some days…
I have stopped putting cream and sugar in my coffee and i sometimes try to have lots of it to keep me full. Some times it works, some times it doesnt. Usually for lunch i will do leftovers from last nights meal. But lately i have been feeling slow, unmotivated, down on the dumps and lazy and i always feel bad about not making it to the gym. Its so hard to stay motivated when its 23 degrees outside and all you wanna do is snuggle under a blanket. SO still manages to work out and stay motivated. But not me. I feel like crap…some please help! 

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