According to reliable sources at ANC, the Gupta family will be leaving South Africa to settle in United Arab Emirate. As related, “the Gupta brothers, Ajay, Atul and Rajesh, are in the process of moving to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.”
Africa Confidential reported this hinting that the popular family resolved to move from South Africa as “several of the family’s businesses are under increased scrutiny, especially their contracts with the government or state-owned enterprises.”
The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) recently bothered the family when they started chanting ‘Zupta Must Fall’ at Jacob Zuma claiming that the family’s relationship with the president is wrecking South Africa.
EFF leader, Julius Malema even declared a war against the family. According to Malema, South Africa “cannot have a situation where corrupt people are known and nothing is done.
“All people do is tweet about it and this is an indication of a lazy society. It’s time to battle and go to war with the Guptas…The Guptas must leave the country with immediate effect. We are tired of talking about the Guptas and will take remedial action,” stated Malema.
The Guptas relocated to South Africa from India in 1993. A spokesman of the family once told BBC that the Gupta brothers’ father, Shiv Kumar Gupta sent Atul to South Africa because he believed Africa will become the “America of the world”.
When Atul arrived in South Africa, he started the Sahara Computers family business and from there the family’s wealth and influence blossomed. On many occasions, it’s being alleged that the family negatively influences South Africa’s ruling party’s decision.
Responding to one of such allegations, ANC’s Free State premier, Ace Magashule said “the Guptas are citizens of this country like any other person, and there is nothing wrong with government doing business with them.”