THE SABC1 Gospel Gold presenter and former Generations actor, Thabiso Mokhethi, is up in arms against his mashonisa uncle, Patrick Tikolo.
Thabiso is behind with his payments after he borrowed R40 000 from Patrick last year, to pay off his car which was about to be repossessed.  Patrick alleged Thabiso came to him with his late mum to ask for help when he was down and out.
The mashonisa said: “Thabiso Mokhethi, former Generations actor, is my late sister’s child. “And I love him like my own son. I just feel sad because he has forgotten about the help I offered him when he was down and out. “He came to me with his mum to ask for money and I gave it to him.
“We didn’t arrange how he would pay me back, but he swore he would pay back every cent,” said the sad Patrick.  Patrick told Sunday Sun it took Thabiso six months to make his first repayment of R10 000. “The second instalment was only R5 000 and that was the last time I ever got money from him.
“At first I would call Thabiso to remind him about his debt, and he would tell me he was still trying to organise the money. “He had changed his number and I managed to get his new number. But he doesn’t pick up calls or doesn’t respond to any of my messages,” said Patrick.
Last week, the SunTeam succeeded in contacting Thabiso. Asked about the money, he said: “What saddens me is that he demanded the money on the same day we laid my mum to rest. “I told him to give me some time.”
Thabiso added that his uncle continued to hound him a week after the funeral, until he made a payment of R10 000 and later paid an additional R5 000. “I want to honour my mum’s memory and I’ll pay Patrick in full once my mum’s estate has paid out.
“I have my own family I’m responsible for. I can’t use my children’s money to pay off the debt.” When the SunTeam asked him what kind of uncle Patrick was, Thabiso said: “He’s not concerned about my well-being.
“And he knows how hard life has been for me since my mum’s death.”
Source : DailySun