Some iPhone Users Love Autocorrect while Some just hate this Feature on their phone. Autocorrects are in there for a reason. Most of the time while texting we tend to make spelling mistakes, But they get corrected automatically with this feature.
On the Other hand, It can be really frustrating when the outcome is a word that you don’t intend to type. Yeah, many a times its Funny and Embarrassing too.  Do i need to say how many countless times we have seen Text Conversations Pics with Autocorrect fails on Social Media.
Its a feature that is designed to help people to have better testing experience but for some users its the Opposite. Well, for those the best option would be Turn off Autocorrect on their phone. So today i will be writing a Quick guide on How to Turn off Autocorrect on iPhones,iPad Etc. At the Bottom of this post i will even Share some Tips to Correctly use Autocorrect feature in iPhones.


Below are Some Very Simple Steps which shows you how to Turn OFF/ON Autocorrect on your Phone.
Step 1: Go To Settings.
Step 2: Now tap on General.

Step 3: Next you must Scroll down a little bit to find Keyboard.
Step 4: Now you will see Auto-Correction which will be ON, Just Slide it towards the Left to turn it off

Its as simple as 1,2,3 and 4. Now if you Want to turn it On again then Simply follow the same steps just Slide to Right to turn Auto-Correction ON as show in the Above Picture.
Please Note that Screen appearance may differ in the Pictures here and on your Phone


So in the above part you saw How to Turn off Autocorrect on iPhone but If you like this feature and just don’t want to use it because it irritates you when it suggest wrong words, Then you might want to keep it ON but Do some tweaks that may help you henceforth. So below i am listing some tips & Tweaks that you can perform and see if that helps.
  • Autocorrects learns the words that you type frequently and suggests you the same based on that but many times it learns incorrect words so you need to tell autocorrect what you are trying to type. To do so you can navigate toSettings>> General>>Keywords>>Shortcuts, and type the word that you use more frequently and the word that it guesses incorrect. Next time Autocorrect will show you correct word that you are trying to type.
  • Another Good way to Stop Autocorrect suggesting your wrong words  is to Erase all the words that your phone as learned which means setting it to Default. Just navigate to Settings>>General>>Reset and tap on Reset Keyboard Dictionary. What it does now is once again it will try and learn your texting habbits from the beginning.