Rumours have been doing rounds about the “death” of the Princess of House.
This follows her horrific accident on Wednesday night on William Nicol, north of Joburg, which left her car a complete wreck.
 But she made it out without a scratch and is grateful to be alive.
The Easy to Love singer said she was approaching a non-functioning traffic light when she was hit by another car.
She said: “The traffic lights were not working and I guess people still don’t know how four way stops work.
“I was the first to arrive at the stop and I was about to turn when another car just came in my direction and bumped into me.”
Bucie said as she was not injured she managed to check on the other driver to see if he was okay.
“By God’s grace everyone involved was okay, including the passenger in my car,” she said. Bucie said she was shocked when she later received a call from a friend asking her if she was okay. “The friend actually asked if I was still alive. What shocked me was the fact that I had not even told a soul about the accident.
“I guess it’s one of those things and it humbled me as a person.
“It could have been worse but because God is always with me I made it out unharmed. You can replace a car but you can never replace a life,” she said.
Source : Sun