THIS Ben 10 did not care how his sugar mama’s husband felt about her cheating on him.
But now he knows the hurt of heartbreak.
He said his younger friend stole Cikizwa Mabhulu (51) from him.
Thanduxolo Makhalipha (32) from KwaNobuhle in Uitenhage, Eastern Cape said: “We dated for five years. She said she was not happy with her husband.
“I dumped girlfriends of my own age to concentrate on her.
“But in 2014 I lost my job as a jikeleza driver. That is when the fighting over money and her cheating started.
“When I tried to end things in July last year she pleaded with me not to go,” he said.
“Then the other day I saw her cosy with my friend drinking in a tavern. She ruined my life. How can she cheat with my friend?
“What is worse is that he is younger than me!”
But Cikizwa said: “He is trying to embarrass me more than he already has. I have a court order against him as he is abusive when he is drunk. He is just bitter that things did not work out between us. Now he is out to destroy my life because I refused to buy him booze and cigarettes.”
Cikizwa said Thanduxolo did not break up her marriage of 22 years. She was divorced from her husband in 2014.
  • New Ben 10 Godfrey Magugu (30) said: “I started dating Cikizwa in December 2014 after we met at an umgidi ceremony.
“I knew she was then dating Thanduxolo, but she told me she did not want him because he was abusive.
“I love her very much. He can’t take her away. She is mine.”

source: dailysun