The 62-year-old billionaire is a father again.

Prominent politician and failed Fifa presidential candidate Tokyo Sexwale has proven wrong the narrative that sectarians were spent forces who only derived amorous pleasure by spending the night with their hands clutching the forbidden fruit of their female partners.

Sexwale's lawyer girlfriend Nataxa da Silva (26) gave birth to a bouncy baby boy on Monday.
The healthy newborn was named Nasima.
It was not clear how the couple arrived at the name because it is an Arabic name for girls.
Close friends believe the lovebirds combined Nataxa's first name and Sexwale's Pedi name, Mosima, to come up with the child's.
Two independent sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of victimisation, confirmed the former human settlements minister has a new addition to his family.
"My friend, who works in one of Sexwale's business offices, said one of the staff members told her the big boss and Nataxa were expecting a baby during the week," said the source.
"The baby was supposed to come in March, but it appears something came up and doctors advised for an early delivery.
"It's a pity because the big boss could not be there during the birth as he was busy with his soccer things."
Bundle of joy
Another mole confirmed Sexwale was blessed with a bundle of joy.
"He was on cloud nine and couldn't hide his happiness from his staff members who congratulated him," said the deep throat.
"He loves kids and has always been a good father to the kids from his previous marriage."
Sexwale has two children by his first wife Judy van Vuuren, a legal practitioner he met while incarcerated on Robben Island.
Van Vuuren and Sexwale separated in 2013 and are embroiled in a bitter divorce battle with his former lover demanding half of their rich estate.
Sexwale, a former premier of Gauteng and once tipped to be the country's next president, withdrew his candidacy as the new Fifa president just before the elections in Zurich, Switzerland, on Friday afternoon.
He could not be reached for comment as he was in Europe for the Fifa presidential elections.
Nataxa, believed to be practising law but very secretive about her personal life, could also not be reached for comment.