IT STARTED when a customer returned a pack of rotten chicken.
But the argument soon exploded into violence, bullets and looting. 
It appears the battle between Katlehong residents in Ekurhuleni and Somali shop owners broke out because of a pack of
rotten chicken.
Victor Maphosa (27) from Nhlapo Section, Katlehong said he bought chicken from a shop on Saturday. 
“When I realised the meat was rotten, I went to the shop to return it but I was attacked,” said Victor.
Victor said the shop owner hit him over the head with a bottle and he lost consciousness. 
“That was the last thing I remember,” he said.
The residents then gathered and marched to the shop. Alice Msimango (44) said when they confronted the shop owners,
they responded with violence. 
“We had gathered at the shop and demanded to know why they had moered the guy, when they suddenly started
throwing bottles at us,” she said.
“The shop owners closed their garage and gunshots started flying from a small opening.”
Her 14-year-old son, Bongani, was hit by a bullet. 
“My son is now fighting for his life.” 
As the community gathered around Bongani, a white van allegedly carrying Somalis pulled up, and chaos ensued. The men
allegedly opened fire into the crowd.
Magdalene Martins (46) said she got shot in the foot.
“I tried to run but I was shot in the foot,” she said.
Isaac Mlambo (32), Victor’s friend, said he heard Victor had been assaulted and went to help. “We found him on the
ground. As we were calling the ambulance, the van drove through and started shooting,” he said.
He was also shot in the foot.
They were taken to Thele Mogoerane Hospital. 
The community erupted and started looting the shops. Bamanye Ntlantsana (29) was shot in the head. 
According to Dumisa Mantyi, his best friend, he was shot by people in a white van. 
Bamanye was also taken to Thele Mogoerane Hospital where he died. 
The looting and rioting got out of hand and Public Order Police and the EMPD were called to the scene. Sergeant Oyamo
Simao confirmed that 50 shops were looted, and three people were shot. 
“A fight broke out between the Somali shop owner and the victim. The victim was hit over the head with a bottle. The
community started throwing stones when three people were shot. The community started looting shops in the Nelson
Mandela and Nhlapo sections. One man was also shot in Nelson Mandela and died in hospital.”
He said a Somalian was arrested and charged with three counts of attempted murder and possession of an unlicenced
firearm. Three residents were arrested. 
Abdi Rahman, National Director of the Somali Association of South Africa, said he didn’t have any information about the
incidents. He said he would comment as soon as he had contacted the shop owners.
source : dailysun