Like, erm, was that not what was supposed to happen? Six months after they got married in Uganda, 68 year old Swedish woman, Mona Lisa Larsson, has accused her 26 year old Ugandan husband, Guvnor Ace whose real name is Ronald Ssemawere, of using her to get into Europe. He's dumped her and now wants to marry a younger Ugandan woman.

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Guvnor visited Sweden last December and has obviously started singing a new song. According to Monalisa, Guvnor Ace is seeking political asylum in Norway with this other women. She made the accusations in two post she shared on her Facebook wall yesterday..

This is a bosh man cheap and pore and his whomen is olso cheap who sup his man for mony and Peng Peng its notFor i cant get children he left its becose he is stupid and dont care abaut his whomen he think whomen is not human peopelI newer se sombade so cheap in my life .

This man Guvnor Ace just me to come to Europe He have one Uganda whomen who he go to Norwagen.Who come ofside my haus to take him to Norwagen He tell me to go to shopp and when i come home he have move with her.Now he wont to ask after politik asyl in Norwagyen.He and the whomen have play the game .Even she asept him to married with me to come to Europe,All the love he tell he have to me was only a play from him.