Rumours flying around are that top-selling artist, Nathi hasn’t tasted the fruits of his hard labour as he lives in in a squalid shared house with with UJ students in Melville. Furthermore it is alleged that he drives around in a skorokoro blue Mini Cooper.
A close friend claims that Nathi lives in a commune with students from the University of Johannesburg in Melville.
“Nathi’s security is compromised. He doesn’t have privacy at all. And you ask yourself this: why does a celebrated star like Nathi have to live in such a place when he’s making a lot of money? Even the yard he’s living in is so filthy as rubbish is piling up,” says the insider.
It’s alleged that Nathi sometimes throws his weight around. “He acts like a big shot around us. We love him but for him to stay in a commune shows that he has no control over his finances,” says a UJ student who did not want to be named.
Reached for a comment on the state of affairs, His boss, Lance,got angry and said, “Nathi only stayed at that place when he started living in Joburg. He now lives in Linden. He is not driving a Mini Cooper but a new Merc. Give me your editor’s number. I’m coming to your offices now.”
Nathi’s manager, Sipho Nyathela, also claimed, “Nathi is no longer living there. He got himself a nice apartment in Randburg. He also bought himself a Mercedes-Benz A220 CDI cash in Cresta.”
When asked why Nathi was spotted at the commune last week, he said, “He only stayed there because we were still looking for a decent place for him.”
However lady luck is shining on the lad and Nathi will this week receive his new car and the R150 000 he won for the SABC Summer Song of the Year. Michael Owen Productions owner, Owen Ndlovu, says, “We’re overseeing the process of Nathi getting his new Kia Picanto. We’ll make sure it’s registered in his name.”