My 5 highest earning blogs in 2015 from Adsense generated R180,696.63 in revenue from 1 January 2015 to 31 December 2015 (1 months). Check out the screenshot: It only takes a few blog posts

How To Make high profit blog (with only a few blog posts)

1. Create excellent content for a large, but specific audience

One thing I’ve noticed is that I’m not the only niche site publisher using paid traffic. Many popular sites with millions of visitors per month (or day) spend fortunes on paid traffic. Do you think they became the behemoths they are from organic search traffic? Nope. They use paid traffic and ads to get the ball rolling. Yes, even viral-style sites like uses paid ads (I’ve seen their ads).

2. Optimize display ads (i.e. Adsense ads)

Being smart about your monetization means you need to at the very least break even with your paid traffic and then profit from your email newsletter and/or Facebook fans.

While I attract Facebook fans and email subscribers, I make sure I profit from paid traffic. It’s a tremendous profit stream for me. Revenue from organic Facebook traffic and my email newsletter is extra.

3. Set up a Facebook page

While I wouldn’t rely on all of your traffic from organic Facebook page postings, it sure can be a nice source of bonus traffic. The interesting thing is I repeatedly post links to the same URLs on my blog over and over and over and they continuously send traffic. I do post links to many other posts too, but it’s amazing how each month you can promote your best earning (and most viral) content over and over and over with success.

4. Set up internal linking promoting your best earning content

I don’t take a single visitor to my sites for granted. I want each person to enjoy my sites. When they contact me and let me know their complaints, I respond. I’ve made many site changes because of suggestions from visitors.

My most popular niche site enjoys a 28% repeat visitor rate, which isn’t bad. That means nearly 1/3 of page views are from people who have visited before. Their time is limited and the fact they choose to visit my niche site over and over, is a very good metric.

5. Integrate Analytics with Adsense and use Adsense URL channels

You need to discover which posts will generate a great display ad revenue and then focus on driving traffic to those posts.

In order to do this, you need to integrate Analytics with Adsense. I also create URL channels in Adsense for most URLs. This way I can see exactly how much each post earns with Adsense.

While I’m not the most diligent when it comes to tracking affiliate links, I’m fairly diligent with tracking and analyzing display ad metrics.

Tip: Take advantage of the Google URL Builder… this way you can see exactly how much revenue paid campaigns generate with Adsense.

6. Ensure you make sharing your content easy anywhere on your website

A big part of profiting from paid traffic is turning paid traffic into free traffic. The best way to do this is to get visitors to share your content.

7. Add more ad networks to your site: and Amazon CPM ads

Don’t just settle with Adsense. If you do, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. In addition to Adsense, I use ads and recently added Amazon CPM ads to my niche sites. Together and Amazon CPM ads alone generate R400 to R600 per day in revenue.

There are many ad networks you can use. Hunt around. Also, if affiliate and/or CPA offers convert, use them too.

While I don’t advocate making your site nothing but ads, if you publish extensive and high quality content, there’s plenty of space for some serious monetization.

I certainly don’t fall into the camp that’s scared to place ads on a site.

8. Don’t forget to attract email subscribers

Remember, leverage your hard-won (and paid-for) traffic as much as possible. Entice them to join your newsletter. Even if the best you can do in the short term is to send subscribers back to your blog, that’s free traffic.

Example: One newsletter I publish has 16,000 subscribers. I get a 15% open rate (yeah, I know it’s not good). I promote new posts on my site every 3 days. That’s 10 email messages per month. With a 15% open rate, that’s 2,000 opens per email (20,000 per month). Assuming 3/4 of those opens result in a click to the site, that’s approximately 15,000 page views per month that costs me nothing.

9. Buy Traffic

I mentioned it above… most popular, high profit blogs and websites buy traffic.

These days there are so many low-cost, high-quality traffic sources. My 3 favorites are native advertising (a.k.a. syndication advertising such as Outbrain), Facebook ads and Bing Ads. Yes, I send this traffic to regular blog posts and still earn a profit.

The fastest way to creating a popular site with plenty of traffic is buying traffic… but it must be done in a way so that you break even or better yet, profit. Once you get your paid traffic running smoothly, there’s no limit to how much traffic you can get to your site.

Even if you have a low 10% ROI on paid traffic with Adsense ads, you need only spend R1,000 per day to make R100. But the residual profits are better… you get Facebook fans, email subscribers, revenue from other ad networks, brand exposure, loyal visitors who will visit again. This is how you launch and publish a profitable niche site quickly (at least it’s one way that works for me and many other sites).