Cell C has started promoting its new range of contracts called Pinnacle, which are available on a month-to-month to a 2-year basis.
The packages include an allocation of data, voice minutes, and SMS messages – with the top-end Pinnacle 3 plan offering unlimited voice and SMS.
A fair usage limit of 5,000 voice minutes applies to Pinnacle 3.
The table below summarises the different packages.
Pinnacle planPriceDataMinutesSMS
Pinnacle 1R4991GB600600
Pinnacle 2R6992GB1,0001,000
Pinnacle 3R9993GB + 7GB promotionFUP: 5,000Unlimited
Pinnacle 1 is available on both a post-paid and top-up basis, while Pinnacle 2 and 3 are post-paid contracts.
Cell C promises that Pinnacle contracts also offer the following features:
  • No more data bill shocks, with an out-of-bundle data rate of 15c/MB
  • No tariff changes for 2 years
  • 30 days cancellation notice
Out-of-bundle voice calls are charged at R1.50 per minute, and SMS is charged at R0.50 per message.
Pinnacle contracts also qualify for Cell C’s Contract Buy-Out service. Up to R10,000 is available to those who switch to Pinnacle 1, while up to R20,000 is available for new Pinnacle 2 and 3 subscribers.