A lot has been said about this award- winning,platinum- selling Afro-soul singer.But not all of it is true and Lungile Khumalo (25),better known as Naima Kay, seems to be getting a little frustrated with the rumour mill.
Recently the gossip rags had a field day because she was supposed to be in a relationship with 22-year-old Gagasi FM hip hop DJ.Junior De Rocka.
But Naima tells DRUM the claim is rubbish. The talented singer from Port Shepstone.KZN,is adamant that the DJ.
whose real name is junior Mzizi,is not a love interest. “I can never and will never be Junior De Rocka’s girlfriend,even if he asks me to.”the Leli Langa Ngelami hitmaker assures us.”He is not my type. We are good as friends, not lovers.I don’t know where these reports came from.”
WE MEET the singer at the Durban Botanical Gardens.She looks calm and collected in a black dress and has a male friend in tow. Naima tells us she’s known Junior since 2015,but he’s never shown any interest in her or made declarations of love.
In fact,she add a that she doesn’t even know if he has a girlfriend at the moment. She says she once went to a shoot with him,and that’s probably what sparked off the rumours. “I only accompanied him to a shoot and then I took selfies with him and posted them on social media. I guess that’s where the assumptions came from.” she explains.
There were rumours that the affair was a love triangle involving actress Ntando Duma,who plays Zinzi in Rhythm City. “I don’t know this Duma girl and we’ve never met.” Naima says,”Not that I care about what happens between the two of them. I am really not bothered. Ntando can have him.”
Clarifying things further, the singer tells us she is single and that her last relationship ended in August last year. “I don’t want to mention names but I decided to end things because of my hectic schedules.” Before that,Naima admits that she was in an abusive relationship with a guy called Sizwe Pedro.
“That was the worst relationship I’ve ever had.” she confides.”But again,there was no bashing as the media reported.Sizwe never hit me,but he tried to many times.He only shouted at me and I defended myself by shouting right back at him. ‘I’m not completely innocent because there were many times where I
also shouted at and insulted him.”
HOWEVER,the singer is happy to be alone. “I am not lonely.” she insists.”I still get a lot of love proposals
but I choose not to engage in such relationships.I am not ready. “And when I decide to get back into the love games, I’ll not go out with an artist,” she swears.
Naima has been linked to a Mayor of one of the KZN municipalities.But again,she denies that there’s any truth to this allegation.
“I don’t know this man,but he seems to have a whole lot of information about me.” she fumes.”He is claiming that he organises gigs for me,but this is not true.He pisses me off.Given the chance, i’d insult him with all the insults i know.”Aside from romantic rumour,the songbird has also been publicly accused of alcohol abuse.Last year,there were reports she missed important shows due to drinking problems.
Naima confesses that she does drink,but moderately. “I do drink alcohol,but to say I am an alcoholic is nonsense,” she insists.”I don’t abuse alcohol.I only drink when I am with friends.I don’t drink during or before my performances because I value my work
and fans.”
One of the worst things,Naima tells us, is that all these stories about alcohol and boyfriends abuse upset her grandmother.
My grandmother is old and she doesn’t need all of this.She calls every time she hears about these rumours and I have to explain that most of them are not true. “My grandmother instilled good values in me and she trusts me, and I am grateful for that.”the singer says.
On the subject of her work,Naima tells us she will release her third album in August.
“I’m still with Touch Africa Record and I’m busy promoting my latest album,Ngiyavuma”.
Growing up,the singer tried her hand at modelling and acting,but not on a professional basis.Before long,the music tookover and put an end to any ambitious on those fronts.
However,she’s keen to give them both a go again. “I want to explore all my talents,”she shares,”I have done modelling before and I would like to revive that.I still do get offers,but right now my schedule is a bit tight.”
One way or another,we look forwad to seeing a lot more of this bright talent