Its important to know your women when is satisfy with what you are doing. Her is the Simple Way To Know Our Woman Has Reached Cl1max
#1. She will hold you tight with both hands and even try to kiss you severally

#2. She will raise her legs and spread them wide.

#3. She will relax her bones and probably startsqueezing your P*nis with the walls of her vag1na

#4. She will start crying,and making funny noise such as ah, ah ahaa, ouch, waaaaaaa.She experiences flashes all over her body…
#5. The walls of her vag1na becomes soft and spongy. Her cl1t0ry becomes so ere-ct, swollen, big…then suddenly gets small or disappears under the clit0ral hood.

#7. Her heart start beating very fast and she starts breathing fast also.

#8. She becomes so wet…..some who squ1rt will even wet the sheets!!

#9. She might use her nails to scratch your back or tear your clothes.

#10. When she cu-ms she feels very weak, shaky, sleepy and sleeps soon after.