Reports have it that a Bhisho MLP, Themba Wele has been receiving a monthly pay of R85, 000 despite the fact that he’s not been contributing to the legislative affairs of the country in any form.
It’s not as though there’s abundant financial resources in South Africa, if fact I’d be right if I say the country is like never, struggling to survive. If that’s the case, how then can South Africa afford to pay and house a legislator who has been axed from his legislative roles for almost a year?
As gathered from Sowetan Live, “February will mark exactly a year since expelled Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) legislature leader Themba Wele was suspended and later expelled by his party.” He however, “continues to receive R1.02-million a year salary as the leader of the minority party at the Bhisho legislature.”
It was related that legislature’s acting spokesman, Velisile Bukula confirmed that Wele is still receiving all his benefits as he is essentially still an MPL. Bukula explained that Wele cannot be replaced until the high court rules on the issue. Bukula was quoted to have said; “we cannot replace him as yet because he had approached the high court challenging his dismissal from his party and that case has not yet been finalized.”
“The legislature will‚ however‚ abide by the decision of the court‚ but we cannot divulge any more information on this matter at this stage‚ as it is also still an internal political matter, Bukula added.”
Similarly, Siyabulela Peter – another EFF MPL and provincial chairman – commented that the party cannot do anything about the Wele earning income without working. Peter said that Wele “is already expelled by the party‚ but our hands are tied as we cannot do anything at this moment until this is settled by the court which will sit in mid-February.”
Meanwhile, Wele reportedly dismissed discussing him being paid for nothing stating; “it was still sub judice.”
If you recall, the EFF disciplinary committee found Wele guilty of five counts of misconduct ranging from attending an unauthorized press briefing, refusing to carry out officially sanctioned duties, appointing a personal assistant without the party’s authorization to refusing to participate in organizational structures.
Thus, they wrote to the legislature demanding that Wele be removed from its payroll as he has been expelled from the party. Nevertheless, the expulsion didn’t change anything for according to the aforementioned report, Wele is still receiving “his benefits that included medical aid‚ an iPhone‚ a state house and a tablet.
Source: BuzzSouthAfrica