New filtering through is satirically pointing to the breaking news that DA leader Mmusi Maimane and EFF chief whip Julius Malema have joined hands to form a political party, People Against Zuma (PAZ).
Following the rather disastrous SONA event which saw the EFF ultimately walking out of the assembly, Mmusi and Julius realized that they have the same enemy and as they say, an enemy of my enemy is my friend. Or something like that.
It would also been noted that in the past, Mmusi and Julius do not really ‘clash’ in a way that they individually clash with the Zuma regime. Speaking at a colorful press conference in Limpopo, Julius said ‘We have a common enemy and two is better than one. We will continue with the Zupta must fall mandate until we get what’s owed to us’ , much to the thunderous claps from EFF and DA members in attendance.
It was not clear at the time of going to press who would actually lead the new PAZ party but indications point to Malema. A beaming Mmusi announced that ‘it is time for South Africa to take their destiny into their own hands and it is up to us the young one to make sure that our children live in a better South Africa both socially and politically. I gave Juju a call this morning and pitched the idea and he was more than willing to run with it’
The official party manifesto and party structures would be reviewed to the public at a later date. ‘For now, we need to work on logistics’ Malema finished off
Source : iMzansi Satire