EFF Leader Julius Malema is in hot soup with the South African Revenue Service (SARS) who are demanding that he coughs up R18 million arrears on his taxes, and as well issue another R2 million check for interest. According to SARS’ claims, the amounts are for 2005 to 2011 tax years.
Independent Online reported that, the revenue collection service is gunning for Julius Malema after they last year, decided to disregard an agreement they made with Malema regarding the terms and conditions under which he was to pay off his debt.
Revealing that the possibility of the EFF king being sequestrated is looming large, it was as well disclosed that SARS decided to do away with the agreement it initially worked out with Julius Malema as he’s “not complying with the conditions of the agreement”.
Reacting, Juju ran to the high court in Pretoria on Monday in quest for an order to keep the payment arrangement he made with the SARS in 2014. He argued that he’s been faithfully upholding the agreement and “does not owe a cent”.
Among other things, SARS stated that it cannot abide with the initial agreement as Malema was not sincere with them when he declared his assets. According to SARS, the EFF leader did not declare a Polokwane property he took possession of in 2009, is owing outstanding taxes for the 2011/2012 financial year, some of the funds Malema listed as donation and not taxable were actually taxable, and that he’s not been sincere with SARS.
With that, SARS stated that they have to cancel the agreement. “He was given a second chance, a clean slate” but failed to adhere to all the conditions of the agreement, Advocate Jeremy Gauntlett argued on behalf of SARS and as well pointed out that SARS has to know where the EFF Leader got the money to pay part of his tax debt.
On the other end, Malema’s advocate, Piet Louw told Judge Mabel Jansen that “Malema had fully adhered to the terms of the agreement” and as such requested of the judge to declare that the EFF leader “had settled all his compromised debt”. According to him, Malema was able to pay part of his tax debts as he was helped by donors.