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Human Pappiloma Virus: Man with rare skin disease has ‘tree roots’ growing from his hands’

This man  has been suffering from a terrible disease called ‘Human Pappiloma Virus,’ since he was ten years old.
The 25-year-old man from Bangladesh, has since been  dubbed the ‘Tree Man’.
Doctors from all corners of the world are frantically working on a cure that could help Abul Bazadar but so far their efforts have been in vain.
Dr Samanta Lal Sen, chief coordinator of National Institute of Burn and Plastic Surgery, said doctors will decide on his treatment after forming a medical board of experts.
Human papilloma virus is the name for a group of viruses that affect the skin and moist membranes lining the body.
All HPV infections can cause warts.
Infection can cause a rapid growth of cells on the outer layer of the skin.
Source – Mirror

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