What I am about to show you right now is one powerful psychological weapon. As a matter of fact; this one thing I will show you now will dramatically improve your results with women and land them in your bed. That is, by practicing this sedu-ction principle I’m about to show you, you would be able to effortlessly make girl want to have s3x with you.
Why I’m I so sure about this? Simple – because I use these same secrets too. And they’ve always worked perfectly well for me and I’m sure it would work for you too. Without wasting much time. No long story. Here is the secret.

Yes, you read that right. To get a woman to chase you, you have to play hard to get. Did that confuse you? Don’t worry, I will explain. But first I will show you why playing hard to get works so well on girls, and why it can make her chase you. Why Does Playing Hard To Get Work. Let me tell you one main secret about women that most guys don’t know. That secret is that “Women Love A Man They Can’t Have”. Take a moment to read that line again. I want you to really get it.
You see, when a guy is too easy for them and falls too easy or chase them shamelessly they don’t find him interesting. But when a guy is way above their level they become obsessed about him. The problem why most guys get dumped by guys, the reason why a girl would never want to date you is if you become way too easy to get and way too easy to control. Just check it out. To make it clear, let me give you an instance.
Lets assume you asked a girl you just met today to be your girlfriend, and she agrees – almost immediately. Then in the evening of that same day, you ask for s3x and she agrees without any argument. As in, she just resists a bit and then gives in. Would you ever take that girl seriously? Think about it. I can bet my last penny that you won’t. You will think she is cheap. Now, still on that same girl. she calls you everyday, she sends you love texts everyday, anytime you ask for s3x she just gives in, when she sees you with other women she starts crying, she always tells you that you love her more than you tell her, she doesn’t date any other guy – just you.
Now take a moment to really think about it. Would you not get fed up with such girl fast. My bet is that you might enjoy the attention for two weeks then you lose interest. I’m very sure about that.
Don’t you get it? Damn, I want you to get this. If you are too easy for a woman, just like that girl in my example then no girl would ever take you seriously.
How do you become too easy? By always trying to impress her. By not standing up to yourself when she does something wrong. By not being funny during conversations. By being too careful not to offend her. By always calling her as if owns a telecommunication network. By begging her for s3x. By making a girl become too sure how you feel about her. Etc etc. See… …

Women want a man that they would fight to have. 

They want a man who is a Challenge. They want a man who is so unpredictable that they wonder to themselves “What does he really feel for me” Now, most times many guys I have taught this starts becoming out rightly arrogant to women. I read somewhere online where one guy was saying that he practiced my strategy and started treating a girl harshly. Now, get this straight – this is not about being arrogant.
In fact, nobody likes an arrogant person. Not even girls. The secret is arrogance plus humor. If you say; “You are fat”. That would be arrogant. But if you see; “You are now fat, my money is really going into all the right places in your body” then that is arrogance plus humor. That is what works.
Let me not digress. We were talking about playing hard to get. If done well, this is what playing hard to get can do to a woman’s head… At first it would shock her a little bit in a good way. Then she would start seeing you as someone who is a challenge. This tricks her mind into thinking “What is he feeling like, I must get him to fall for me. Just to show him” Then she would start trying to make you fall in love. She would start calling you more often, she would say some things to you to get you to like her. But the more you play hard to get, the more she tries to make you fall in love with her. And before she knows it, she is chasing you without knowing she is chasing you. it always works.
In Fact, using just this simple little trick I have made really pretty girls literary beg me for s3x.