As team Gareth Cliff celebrated his victory over M-Net in court on Friday a single photo from this week’s proceedings is quickly going viral.

Judge Caroline Nicholls ordered M-Net to reinstate Cliff as a judge on Idols SA following his axing from the reality singing competition after he commented on KwaZulu-Natal realtor Penny Sparrow's Facebook post in which she called black people monkeys.

Despite Cliff’s joy over the ruling a photo taken on Tuesday, 26 January outside the High Court in Johannesburg paints a whole different picture.

The photo, snapped by photographer Alon Skuy, sees Cliff arrive at the court with his legal representative, Dali Mpofu, while a man in the background digs through a rubbish skip.

Twitter users were quick to point out the drastic juxtaposition captured in the photo with many praising Skuy for capturing the moment in what they call “great photo journalism”.

Those sharing the image on social media feel that it tells the story of the socio-economic divide in South Africa.

Twitter user, Basil Parker, tweeted: “This powerful image says it all, nothing gained.”