We already know that our eyes are the mirror of our soul, but if you want to learn more about men, their character and features, take a look at their toes.
Learning more about someone’s personality from the form of their toes is an old practice in China and India. It began with the belief that the feet are the mirror of the body and soul.
1. People with this form of fingers are creative, very clever, and always solve problems using their creativity. But, because they feel insecure in themselves, they can leave a work that they have already started.
2. People with these fingers are full of energy and also have the potential for creativity. Moreover, these people are always loyal to what they actually believe.
3. These people are born leaders. Being successful in their career is their main goal. The only thing that drives mad these people is incredible perfectionism.
There are some Indian legends about the mother who didn’t want their sons to marry women whose second toe is longer than the other toes. The reason was that a longer second toe is a sign of imperative character.
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4. For these people, family and close friends are the most important thing and the biggest value in the world. They are good listeners and can identify with other people. They can be very sentimental, but great empathy can be useless at times.
5. These people are ambitious, but unable to be responsible, men with such toes are fun and attractive, but can also be immature.