Things came to a head at the start of the new, third season last week when Ndlovu's second title of executive producer was removed from the credits of the captivating gangster drama-series-turned-soapie.
Only fellow executive producer Dudu Zuma was credited as the producer, with Pepsi Pokwane's title also removed as the third producer.
Indications that moves were afoot to sideline Ndlovu became apparent when one of his major contribution to the story line was killed even before the start of the new season.
A church choir that was a permanent feature whenever church services were aired as part of the story line was done away with.
Ndlovu did not want to comment, referring inquiries to his publicist Amanda Ngudle.
"Look I'm in the middle of something important at the moment, I don't have time on my side, please speak to Amanda," said a distressed-sounding Ndlovu.
Ngudle said if there were moves to elbow Ndlovu out she believed he would not take it lying down.
"Bab'Ndlovu would stand up and fight for what is rightfully his. Naturally, if I were in his shoes I would be upset," Ngudle said.
"As we speak I would be preparing to go the legal route. Remember, he is the creator and executive producer after coming up with the original story idea of two boys who were switched at birth.
"Also, the fact that he has two huge projects; one in Durban (Uzalo) and one in Joburg (Muvhango), it necessitated him to delegate. It was natural for him to appoint capable people in Durban to work with him as co-producers.
"These are two big titles that are running parallel but successfully so. He appointed people he could trust, now this, he should be upset."
Zuma's phone was answered by her husband Bongani Ncube, who said he would ask her to return the call but she had not done so at the time of going to print.
Pokwane downplayed the saga. "Are we fighting, who said we're fighting?" he asked. "It was purely operational that me and Bra Duma were removed as co-producers. Gugu is still the executive producer dealing with operational matters. I'm now doing marketing and sales.
"It's all nonsense and mischief, everywhere credits change as the production evolves and how can we sideline Bra Duma? He came with the original story idea, he is the creator."