MINENHLE Mabangu (27) told Daily Sun she still can’t believe she was fired because of Skippy, a Jack Russell puppy.
“I feel horrible that a dog is more important than me,” she said.

Ayanda Sisulu-Dunstan
“I was a child minder but I was also Skippy’s babysitter. I carried him everywhere like a child and even cleaned up after him. I loved Skippy but I’ve never been treated like this!”

Ayanda Sisulu-Dunstan

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Minenhle has worked for Ayanda Sisulu-Dunstan, Walter Sisulu’s granddaughter, at her house in Morningside,
Joburg since last month.

She took Ayanda’s two kids to a party in Kyalami Estate on Saturday. Skippy was with Ayanda’s 10-year-old daughter.
After the party, when they got back to the car, Minenhle found the puppy asleep on the back seat.
“I didn’t know the child had left Skippy behind in the car,” Minenhle said. Later they met Ayanda in a park and Minenhle told her about the dog in the car.
The next morning Ayanda confronted Minenhle.
“She asked me how I could leave her dog unattended. Before I could say anything she fired me,” Minenhle told Daily Sun. She asked Ayanda for her wages so she could go home to Durban. After waiting all day she asked a friend to speak to Ayanda about the money.

The Dog that caused the sacking
“Ayanda sent me an SMS saying she had reversed my payment because my friend insulted her,” she said.
When the People’s Paper contacted Ayanda, she said she demanded an apology.
“Minenhle’s friend called me and insulted me, so I reversed the payment,” she said.
“I will pay her today but I’m offended by this kind of behaviour and I don’t tolerate it.
“You take someone in and care for them and they try and kill your puppy.
“Skippy’s like a baby to me and Minenhle was negligent.”
Yesterday, money was paid into Minenhle’s account.
Source-Daily Sun