1.Make a Difference

South African Police Services (SAPS) impacts the lives of all South Africans, and you can too. Use your skills to protect the environment, strengthen the nation’s security, ensure the safety of our skies, help kids to be safe, fight crime by working for SAPS.

2.No retrenchments in government

Once you get the job, if you do not mess up, you are there forever. You do not have to look for another job if you enjoy your career at this department.

3.Build Your CV

Serving your country can be a great CV builder. You can gain real hands-on experience and develop marketable skills doing work that matters. You can gather experience that you can use in real life situation and can build your CV for higher positions, hence going up the career ladder.

4.Advance Your Career

Like I said on the previous paragraph, you can advance your career to another level.

5.Get the Benefits of Government Work

The total package of government pay, health and child-care benefits, and retirement savings plans are competitive with those offered in the private sector.

6.Continue Your Education

The government offers some of the country’s best advanced education and training assistance opportunities.
You can complete a graduate degree or executive program at your local college or university while working for the government. The sky is the only limit. Take advantage of the internal trainings that the government offers their employees.

You can also apply for internal bursaries and scholarships that are designed for employees of the government.

7.Work to Restore Peace

As a member of SAPS, one of your duties is to restore peace and maintain order in the country, be part of those bringing change in the country.

8.Work for The Benefits of Your Kids

If it happens you die while on duty, your kids may be offered financial assistance to further their education by the government. SAPS have their own special Education Trust that takes care of the former SAPS employees who dies while on duty.

9.Work Flexible Hours

As a police officer, you get to work in shifts, so, you can do other activities during your day offs or when you are working night shifts.

10.Just be proud

Who does not want to be associated with doing good, being part of the SAPS team seems to be good, So be part and have pride.

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