THE divide between black and white was highlighted on Tuesday as farmers and workers stood facing each other across barbed wire in a tense stand-off.
Four white Free State farmers were released on R5 000 bail each.
The farmers are accused of assaulting Samuel Tjexa (35) and Seun Tangasha (in his late 20s) before handing them over to police.
Tangasha was declared dead on arrival at Pelonomi Hospital, Bloemfontein.
Tjexa died later in the Parys Hospital.
Speaking to Daily Sun, former farmworkers yesterday said the recent killings have opened old wounds as they still live in fear of white farmers.
Morena Thebehali (42) from Vuka kasi said he lost three teeth in 2008 when his angry mlungu boss threw a metal rod at him, hitting him in the mouth and knocking out three teeth.
“He called me names and insulted me.
“As I was bleeding he said: ‘K*ffir, jy luister nie!’ (K*ffir, you’re don’t listen!)”
Morena said he didn’t go to hospital because he didn’t have money.
He said he was still living in fear of white people and sometimes has terrible dreams about white men beating him up.
Another former farmworker, Shadrack Sesing (46) from Mandela kasi in Vredefort, said a white farmer knocked out his teeth.
He said he arrived at work five minutes late.
“Without asking why I was late he knocked four teeth out of my mouth with a pair of pliers,” said Shadrack.
He said he was ashamed, angry and frustrated but didn’t go to the police because he feared what his boss would do.
Police spokesman Sergeant Thabo Litabe said: “The victims should go to their nearest police station and open a case.
“They must overcome their fear and speak up.
“The prosecution will take it to court, which will decide whether the case is still prosecutable.”