. She says she was raped by another corper friend she trusted. She sent the guys details and photos but since this is an allegation, I will leave that out now until the authorities confirm he's a rapist. Read her story below...
I would like to report a rape case. I considered going to the police but I'm sure the rapist might be able to pay his way out and no action will be taken. I'm a youth corper serving in Ondo state. On the 8th of January this year, I traveled to Edo State with a fellow corper whom I trusted very much. We were friends in camp and fortunately we got posted to the same local government, so it seemed like it was a plan arranged by heaven. So on the evening of Jan. 8th, we were in his friends room off campus and I slept off watching a movie on his laptop. Some time later I woke up ‎and found him touching me.
I resisted and he forced himself on me the first time. Although I tried fighting him off the first time, he easily overpowered me because of his size. After the first time, I cried for a while while he apologised profusely. Because I didn't have anywhere to run to and he held me down, he had his way the second time and didn't even bother apologising or anything. He just slept off and woke up begging and begging. ‎I searched online for places I could report rape cases to that weren't the police, but I didn't see any.

The guy is Serving in Odigbo Local Government, Ore‎, Ondo State. Batch B, Stream 2.
He is a UNIBEN alumni and was a past SUG president and is popular in the school. I want justice to be exerted promptly. I think his father has a military background which could pose a problem. I would like to remain anonymous where ever this letter is used as my parents would be furious if they found out I left my PPA to attend a wedding in Edo State.
What do you advice this lady does?