Online movie and television series streaming service Netflix has officially gone live in 130 countries including South Africa on Wednesday night.
Co-founder and chief executive officer of Netflix, Reed Hastings, made the announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. 
Amid the announcement, the South African Netflix website was switched on at on Wednesday and advertised a price of $7.99 (R126) per month with a free month's trial.

he table below summarises the Netflix plans available.
Basic$7.99 (R126)SD1
Standard$9.99 (R158)HD2
Premium$11.99 (R190)HD / UHD4
Exchange rate: R15.83/$
Other additional countries to get the service included Russia, India and South Korea, according to the announcement from Netflix. China, though, is not on Netflix's new countries while other countries excluded from the launch are Crimea, North Korea and Syria because of US government restrictions on American companies.
“Today, I am delighted to announce that while we have been here on stage at CES, we switched Netflix in Azerbaijan, in Vietnam, in India, in Nigeria, in Poland, in Russia, in Saudi Arabia, in Singapore, in South Korea, in Turkey, in Indonesia, and in 130 new countries,” said Hastings.

Popular US TV shows that South Africans can watch on Netflix include hits such as SuitsDexter and Weeds. Meanwhile original Netflix content like Narcos and Marco Polo are also available in South Africa. 
Netflix, which started its streaming service in the US in 2007, last year expressed a goal to expand to an extra 150 countries across the globe.
As part of its wider launch on Wednesday, Netflix also said that it's also bolted on more language support for the likes of Arabic and Korean speakers.