Netflix launched worldwide last week, but an Australian website has found that 93% of what is available in the US is not available in SA.
According to, 93% of the 5 328 titles available to US users are unavailable in SA. Some titles in South Africa, such movies as Man on Fire, I Am Legend and Wedding Crashers, need to be shown in America.
South Africans using Netflix via a geo-blocking service will unlikely continue doing so with the less-than-pleasing selection.
An entire section on the site dedicated to content is gone. Numerous risqué movies and TV shows are missing, according to htxt. Africa.
They also reported that the service seems very watered down.
According to Netflix, however, its licensing agreements restrict them from providing all content to all countries. People must understand why only 373 of 5 328 titles are available in SA.
More is available to the user for $7.99 (R132,43), but some are wondering if more content will be unlocked, especially Netflix’s original shows.