The little boy pictured wearing a striped blue and white plastic bag with the football player's name and number written on it have been found, CNN reports.

His name is Murtaza Ahmadi, a five-year-old from Afghanistan. The boy's uncle, Azim Ahmadi, told CNN the image was taken by the young football fan's older brother, Hamayon.

More images posted to Hamayon's Facebook page show Murtaza holding up the bag, and wearing it while he appears to dance. Internet users started searching for the boy in mid-January when a Lionel Messi fan account on Twitter posted an image of him wearing a plastic "Messi" bag.

Murtaza lives with his family in Jaghori, a city south-west of Kabul in Afghanistan. His father's a crop farmer and Murtaza is yet to start school. When he grows up he'd like to be a footballer, his uncle said.

Source: CNN