Monday 11 January 2016
Episode 145
Mastermind is stuck in the Xulu bedroom trying to find various ways of escaping. Dhlomo backs Nonduduzo into a tight corner – she has no choice but to squeal about Mabuza.
Nosipho unknowingly saves Mastermind’s behind by questioning her father about the sudden tension between her parents – buying enough time for Ayanda to come and cause havoc in the Xulu household.
The Xulu men teach Ayanda a lesson he will never ever forget, much to the horror of Mangcobo who knows they are beating up her biological son.
Tuesday 12 January 2016
Episode 146
Nosipho sees Mastermind escape from the Xulu house. Mabuza learns that Dhlomo is in a top secret meeting with Captain Mthimkhulu. A badly injured Ayanda limps away from the fight with Xulu and Mxolisi. Mabuza is shocked to see Nonduduzo with Dhlomo and Captain Mthimkhulu. Mabuza holds everyone at the police station hostage.
Wednesday 13 January 2016
Episode 147
Mabuza refuses to give information on Xulu. MaNgcobo warns Ayanda to stop messing with Xulu. Mxolisi fears Mabuza will rat them out and they must deal with him. Xulu refuses. MaNgcobo is uncomfortable to see the sexual tension between Ayanda and Nosipho. GC tells his friends he could be leaving for Jo’burg.

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