With reports of bad health about Malawi President Peter Mutharika circulating in the country, his recent submission to the force of gravity has just made the situation worse.
According to media reports, President Peter Mutharika on Saturday had a rude awakening when he planted himself into a hole he had dug for a tree.
It is said that after Mutharika had planted a first tree, he had trouble planting the second tree and did a ‘Mugabe’ in full view of the camera.It was not a mere stumble according to the media reports that suggest that Mutharika slipped while he was just standing, apparently meaning that the Malawi leader collapsed.
A thing which is a bad report on his health that has become a gossip among some Facebook groups and news sites.However while the local media found a juicy story in the collapse of the aged Mutharika, Malawians appear to not be amused that their leader’s fall like the Kwacha has been captured in the media.
“What is news about a President falling?” a Malawian asked apparently unamused that the newspaper focused on Mutharika’s collapse.“The rain will keep being dodgy if we will remain focused on the trivia,” wrote another person.“Is it even worthy a front page material?” another queried to the sensational title carried in one of the papers which exclaimed ‘oops! Peter falls’A few people however saw nothing wrong with the news as they said that the fall communicated a lot about the President’s health.
“People are trying hard to downplay Mutharika’s fall as nothing but in a larger picture it says a lot about the President’s health,” commented another person.
Last year Zimbabwe President who died but resurrected according to Prophet Liabunya, Robert Mugabe was an Internet sensation after he fell down.Mugabe was helped to his feet by his bodyguards just as Mutharika’s self-planting exercise was brought to an end by his bodyguards.