RELAX: As cliché as it may sound, being in a relaxed state clears the mind of clutter. In that way, you are more open to enjoying the journey and not just focusing on the destination. And remember, the journey does not have to involve penetration.
BE CREATIVE: Explore the body like you would a science project or scrutinise a report that you must submit for work. In the very same way explore your partner’s body as if you are learning it for the first time.
USE YOUR FIVE SENSES: Touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing; be present as you explore, everything pleasing to the senses will help you connect on an even deeper level.
BE SENSITIVE: Always be aware of your partner’s mental and emotional state.
TRY OTHER SENSUAL WAYS TO BE HAPPY: Consider erotic or sexy text messages and naughty photos, or even making out like you used to when you were teenagers or in the honeymoon-phase of your relationship.