The musician and actor is accused of causing a racket in his neighbourhood of Melville, in Joburg.
One of Zola’s neighbours, Dominique le Grange, said she’s had it with the noise caused by “Zola”, real name Bonginkosi Dlamini.
She poured her heart out to Sunday Sun about her alleged hell.
“When my husband and I bought our house in 2012, we were excited. Trouble started when we realised Zola doesn’t respect his neighbours.
“He blasts speakers loudly any time of the day, as he hosts parties that can last up to four days at a time.
“He sets up tents in his backyard and has over 40 people partying up a storm.
“Sometimes the party only starts at 3am,” Dominique said.
She said she can’t take it any more and has lost faith in the justice system, as no one helps her – neither the police nor the Metro police.
“I’ve spent three years trying to get Zola to be considerate.
“He’s so intimidating,” said Dominique.
Sunday Sun has seen 44 call records in which Dominique sought help from the cops, as well as an affidavit she filed at the Brixton Police Station for a case of noise pollution.
She said the DA’s shadow MEC for Safety and Security, Kate Lorimer, advised her that noise is a criminal offence.
“He’s running an illegal business in a residential area,” she said.
Dominique also said she’s worried about Zola’s mental health.
“He needs help. He lights up his whole yard and garden at night with big lights because he believes there are people watching him from the church tower,” she said.
Dominique said she wants to start a family, but because of the current situation with Zola, she can’t.
JMPD spokesperson, Wayne Minnaar, said: “The only thing she can do is to open a case at the police station.”
Zola said: “Man’s law can’t suppress God’s laws. This woman threw stones on top of my house. I could easily have opened a case against her.”
Dominique denied ever throwing stones at Zola’s house.