South Africans dare not fail former president Nelson Mandela’s legacy, his grandson has said. Nkosi Mandla Mandela, reflecting on the life of the former African National Congress leader and the first democratic president in South Africa, said it was rare for a soul to touch the entire human race in the way his grandfather had.

“A legacy worthy of celebration and a legacy worthy of emulation. uNkosi Dalibhunga is no longer with us but his legacy will live forever,” he said in a statement on Friday.
He wondered, the day before the second year anniversary of Mandela’s death, if enough was being done to carry forward the stalwart’s legacy.
What can we do better to realise Madiba’s dream of national reconciliation, nation building and social cohesion?”
The Member of Parliament called for the establishment of an “economic Codesa” to take stock of achievements, challenges and the imperative of accelerating the radical economic transformation of the country. It was a reference to the multi-party Convention For A Democratic South Africa that helped chart a course to the political transition from apartheid to democracy.
“This process will require similarly extraordinary levels of skill, patience, inclusivity and determination to those exhibited by Madiba and his comrades at the birth of our democracy.
“We dare not fail his legacy and we dare not compromise the future well-being, stability and peace that our nation requires to achieve the fullness of our potential.”
Mandela said the second anniversary of the former president’s death would be an occasion to celebrate a life well lived.
“We draw inspiration from the many beautiful memories that we treasure – the twinkle in the eyes of an innocent child, the smile of encouragement shared with an ageing and fragile mother, the warmth with which he held the calloused hands of a farm worker, the words of solace to the grieving and suffering, and the hearty chuckle with friends and loved ones.”