Monday 7 December 2015
Episode 6
Siya’s words give Zola some serious food for thought. Tebogo receives a desperate plea to reconsider the burial issue. Cosmo steals money in order to help Esther.
Tuesday 8 December – 2015
Episode 7
Vuyo is determined to carve out his own path on his own terms. Lucy isn’t happy that she’ll have to take the drugs to London herself. Karabo and Angela are shocked by an unexpected outburst.
Wednesday 9 December – 2015
Episode 8
Mazwi demands answers from his deceased wife’s lover. Tau hopes the dark cloud hanging over the family will soon be gone. Xolelwa proves she’s still nothing but a petty thief.
Thursday 10 December – 2015
Episode 9
Patricia is furious when she sees who Getty is friends with. Not everyone is happy about Esther’s return.
Zola soon comes to regret his decision to attend his son’s exhibit.
Friday 11 December – 2015
Episode 10
For once Lucy is right… only Cosmo is too blind to see it. Smanga is hurt when Karabo seems to have lost faith in him. Vuyo’s day is ruined after he receives bad news on top of being snubbed.

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