Google Play Music, including the online marketplace for digital music and the All Access music streaming service, has launched in South Africa.
“Starting today, local music fans will have an unlimited pass to a huge library of music, on all of their devices, from all the major record companies, as well as top local and independent labels,” said Google South Africa.
Google Play Music lets you create an ad-free, interactive radio station.
You can add, remove, or reorder your station and see what is coming next; browse recommendations from Google’s music team; and explore songs by genre.
The ability to upload songs from your own collection to Google Music is also available to South Africans.
“You can store 50,000 songs for free online, and listen to them alongside the All Access catalogue on any Android device, or via the web at”
Uploaded songs and albums, as well as tracks available through the subscription service, may be pinned for offline listening.
Subscriptions to Google Play Music All Access are available at an introductory price of R49.99 a month.