Two alleged robbers were stopped in their tracks as they attempted to steal a gate motor in General Alberts Park on November 10.

In the CCTV-video, a man is seen climbing out of a white Renault Clio, that is parked in front of a house in Mopanie Street.

He rings the intercom several times, seemingly relaxed and to ascertain that no one is home, before a second man gets out of the vehicle a few minutes later to help him break the gate’s rail.

One man then approaches the gate motor and starts tampering with it while the other man keeps watch.

As the alleged robbers gained entry to the property a neighbour spotted them and the suspects quickly got back into their vehicle and fled.

Tyrone van der Merwe, spokesperson for CPS Security, asks residents to contact the police if they see the vehicle with the registration number BY 86 JJ GP.