The demand for verified and non-verified Google adsense account these days is quite alarming. Some guys even go to the extent of offering to help some bloggers fix some things on their blogs for free, only to hijack their adsense accounts.

Those criminals might not even change your Google account password. They might just remove your email as an admin, from the adsense account and change the payee details to theirs. So, when it's time for payment, they get paid instead, while you're there

If you wake up one day to realize that your adsense account has been hacked or hijacked, please, don't run You can report it to Google by filling the account login issues form here.

Right there, you will have to provide your full name, your Adsense account email address and your Publisher ID. You can get your publisher id from the adsense codes you've placed on your blog.

Once verified and resolved, your admin access will be restored and the criminal will be removed from the Adsense account.