Are you an up and coming singer? If yes, Flytime Promotions wants YOU to meet Trey Songz AND perform at Pepsi Rhythm Unplugged on Friday, December 18 2015 at Eko Convention Centre. 

To enter the competition, applicants should submit a link to a full-length video of themselves singing their favourite song by Trey Songz on the website. 

Participants should then upload a 15 seconds clip of the video on Instagram using the hashtag#RU15SingingTreySongz and tag @rhythmunplugged.

The competition, which kicks off on Sunday, November 29 2015, is part of the Anything Can Happen Moments (#ACHMoments) campaign - a series of ‘off the stage’ activations targeted at surprising and delighting fans. Selected finalists will then go head to head for a chance to meet Trey Songz, perform on the same stage as Nigerian superstars Wizkid, Olamide, MI, P-Square, AND win a VIP ticket to the show. This competition is just another way Rhythm Unplugged continues to solidify itself as the ONE concert to attend every December.

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