In the past, they have rolled out many new feature and to here is a quick recap of recently launched Facebook features: Facebook friendlist, Facebook Subscribe Button, Facebook custom username with 0 like, and then on this Thursday in f8 conference we are expecting to see the launch of Facebook ticker feature and many more new feature.
Seems, like we are not going to get enough of Facebook ever, as Facebook is releasing these new features back to back. All thanks to Google social networking site: Google plus. Anyways, getting back to the original story, when I wrote about Facebook subscribe button, I also mentioned about Facebook launching Twitter integration and seems like they rolled out this new feature.

Twitter updates from Facebook:

This new Facebook twitter integration will let you auto publish your public status updates from Twitter to Facebook. Though right now this feature is only available for Facebook pages but I assume, we may see this feature for Facebook profile too.

How to Auto-post from Facebook toTwitter update Feature:

Post Facebook to Twitter Using These Steps :
1. Login to Facebook
2. Open a second browser tab
3. Login to twitter
4. Click on the link and make sure that Facebook is connecting to the account that you intend to connect.
5. Edit any settings that you wish to change like Status Updates, Photos, Video Links, Notes and Events.

6. Click on the Link to Twitter button.
That’s it! Your Facebook will now automatically post to your Twitter account whenever you post on your connected Facebook profile.