Microsoft on Thursday confirmed that it plans to launch Windows Phone 8 on Oct. 29 but came with a surprise invitation of Google event scheduled to take place the morning of October 29.  The tagline on the invitation reads: "The Playground Is Open." It also notes that the event will be Android themed. These are the only clues provided by Google as to what might happen at the event, Google will probably reveal new Nexus hardware at its October 29 event. Google knows very well by doing event same day as Microsoft will steals some news attention and concentration to Windows Phone 8. This is real a smartphone play ground. 

 Earlier this month, Microsoft invited media to its own event, also scheduled to take place October 29. The Microsoft event, to occur in San Francisco,while Google conflict date to chose its date and event location--New York City.

We already know HTC and Nokia both plan to introduce Windows Phone 8 devices in early November, but Microsoft's event appears to be the official unveiling for availability and could mark the beginning of pre-orders for handsets in the US.