The author of the article says “adultery is not normal. It certainly isn’t inevitable. It is not the way God created us. We were made for monogamy and fidelity.”

We were born sinners. If you have not been saved by the blood of Jesus Christ, adultery is normal and inevitable. Why not? If the devil wants to destroy you, this would be the best place to do it. God is all about fidelity, intimacy, and oneness. Having an affair is the exact opposite.

For those of us who are saved, God’s goal is for us to live a life full of abundance. That includes a close intimate relationship with our spouses and our God. We must mental, physically, and spiritually fight the “natural” pull of sin. Through the supernatural strength that God gives us we must do things that are counter to the “natural” things of this world. That is a daily fight so yes, everyday in everyway we must stay focused on our spouses and love them with all of our hearts.
Posted by Mark Wesley