How To Make Money from Home in South Africa

Make money from home does not mean google will hire you and get a salary.

I have started looking ways to make money from home since 2005.
I made number of research over internet getting different type of information.
I started developing my own website called Green IT Web (
I thought by have my own site will automatic give me money.
I register google Adsense hoping google is going to pay me .
Eventual I find simple steps to make money from Home using my experiences and failures.

Simple Steps To Make Money From Home.

1. On google search Engine - Google Business Solutions
You will need to have Google sign on email account in order to access those apps.
2. Register at Google Adsense

As part of the program, Google allows people who have websites to place ads on their website’s pages.When their visitors click on an ad, Google gets paid. Google shares that revenue with the website owner.

This means that you can start a website, place Google ads on it, and get paid when your visitors click on an ad. On average, you can count on around 5% of your website’s visitors to click on an ad.
The amount you get paid varies but is usually somewhere between R0.10 and R10.00 per click.

Now drive Visitors To Your Website.

Visitors does not just come to your Website. Form my start I said "Make money from home does not mean google will hire You".
You will need to put information to your website that will be interesting to internet users. by submitting article blogs, poems and more.
Working from home means you will have to work on you website improvement content.You must dedicate time every day how long will you spend on your website content.
If you don't have IT skills you will need to get assistance about SEO to make your site visible to search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing.


Another way to make money from

Now Facebook and Twitter can give you money for free.

You have more than 4000 friends on your Facebook Account or Twitter now is the time to start make money with them.
Did you know that South Africa company The Groupon website is owned and operated by Groupon Inc.
You can be a millionaire in one year.

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