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Woman gives birth to 6 twins in just over two years

KANSAS CITY. A woman from Kansas gave birth to twins for the third time in just over two years.
The WDAF-TV reported that Danesha Couch, 20 and Kansas City, Kansas, said he has not undergone any fertility treatment and who understands that some people come to consider "a phenomenon".
Couch gave birth to two boys 26 months ago. One of them died, but the survivor, Danarius, is a very active baby. She also has twins a year, Delilah and Davina.
Dalanie they born last month and Darla. Just they arrived at the family after three weeks of neonatal intensive care.
Couch and her fiance plan to marry in September, but she says no plan to have more children for at least 10 years.
I love babies, she said in the interview for television.
According to a report in Britain, it is one in 88,000 women.
A doctor surnamed Wickstrom interviewed by the same means, said women of African descent are more likely to have multiple pregnancies.
- With information from AP
Khabza Mkhize

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