DJ Cleo graduates with a Bachelor of Arts degree

Congratulations are for Cleopas Monyepao – affectionately known as DJ Cleo – after he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wits University.

And since the graduation news dropped, DJ Cleo has been trending on social media. This comes two years after fellow musician Prince Kaybee gave DJ Cleo props for returning to school.

Undoubtedly, the sky is the limit for the award-winning DJ, who has often made headlines with his educational qualifications.

In recent years DJ Cleo has studied sound engineering and short business courses in property investment. Against the backdrop of his recent graduation, DJ Cleo has opened up on his woes as a student.

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DJ Cleo went on to dive into his private life, which took a toll on his marks and how he managed to sail through while dealing with depression.

According to ZiMoja, Cleo struggled with paying his fees since he had lost a considerable chunk of income due to the Covid-19 pandemic. DJ Cleo said:

“ I struggled with paying for fees due to the pandemic and I lost a big chunk of my income. All the available funds had to be redirected to sudden emergencies and other areas.”

The DJ also revealed that his marks were greatly affected in 2021 because of depression due to his divorce.

“I kept my mental state solid, although at some point I was depressed. I had to keep going and get myself out of it. In fact, my marks suffered the most in 2021, especially six months after my divorce,” says DJ Cleo.

For DJ Cleo, the three years were a balancing act since he had to adjust to many things, such as being the oldest student in the class and trying to blend in with others.

Before his enrollment in 2020, DJ Cleo took to social media to share his desire to go back to school and made it known that he had ignored his educational journey for 20 years.